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AND and OR for parallel tasks

Question asked by aurelienpel on Nov 5, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2014 by jbarrez

I am testing different kinds of workflows, and I have a problem when I have parallel tasks.
For example, I created a workflow with 2 parallel gateways, a first one for the fork and the second one for joining. This one is ok, I can only go to the task after the parallel gateway, only when the 2 incoming sequence flows are joined. The first one will wait for the second one.
In my mind, it is like : "you can go to task 3 ONLY if you have task 1 AND task 2". This is a logic AND.

What I would like is a logic OR, so "you can go to task 3 ONLY if you have task 1 OR task 2" , so you don't need both of them. When the first one arrives at the gateway, the second one is like ""destroyed"", even if you still have other tasks. I thought about the inclusive gateway, but I don't have the expected result, maybe when I created the workflow I forgot smtg. So my real question is , for a logic AND, do you use an inclusive gateway, or is there a better way ?

Thanks a lot for your help,