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CamelBehavior supporting BpmnError

Question asked by sdeschenes on Nov 5, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2014 by sdeschenes
Hi all,

It's been a month I'm working with activiti and camel and I love the possibility it gave me. But, I've look at BpmnError and it isn't supported by the Behavior. Do you see any bad reason to not propagate the Error to Activiti from camel?

Let say I've got this error Management in a camel Route :

onException(WhateverException.class).handled(true).throwException(new BpmnError("technicalException")).end();

Changing the method
in CamelBehavior for calling
ErrorPropagation.propagateError(error, execution);
if the CamelException is an instance of BpmnError then it seems to let me manage the Exception in the process.

Do you see any problems of doing that ? If no, I will submit a test case and my modification in an issue.

Thanks for any comments!