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Activiti Designer Integration

Question asked by on Nov 6, 2014
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Hello - we're looking into upgrading our use of Activiti to 5.16.3.  We've written some custom service tasks (classes that extend from AbstractCustomServiceTask) that utilize version 5.14.0 version of the org.activiti.designer.integration artifact.

I've been reviewing the versions in GitHub for org.activiti.designer.integration ( All the versions since 5.14.1 of the org.activiti.designer.integration artifact contain a SNAPSHOT on the version name.  Even the versions placed in the branch contain SNAPSHOT.

I have two questions relating to this:

1 - Does our upgrade to Activiti 5.16.3 require (or even recommend) us to use the latest version of the org.activiti.designer.integration artifact?

2 - Are the snapshot versions stable to use (5.16.0-SNAPSHOT, 5.15.0-SNAPSHOT)?  Typically, the SNAPSHOT versions are bleeding edge development and isn't always proven.

Any insights on these two questions would be greatly appreciated.