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Error deploying with REST API in 5.16.4

Question asked by jrnorrisjr on Nov 6, 2014
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After upgrading from 5.16.3 to 5.16.4 I can no longer deploy a file via the REST API.  The error says it's not a valid file type although it is as shown in some debugging out:

ActivitiServiceImpl.deployProcessDefinition() - file being deployed = c:\activiti-tempfiles\MyProcess.bpmn20.xml
ActivitServiceImpl.deployProcessDefinition() - activiti response = {"message":"Bad request","exception":"File must be of type .bpmn20.xml, .bpmn, .bar or .zip"}

This is a code snippet where the post is being made, name is "MyProcess" and the file object is the one that printed the path in the debug statement:

MultipartEntityBuilder entityBuilder = MultipartEntityBuilder.create();
entityBuilder.addBinaryBody(name, file, ContentType.DEFAULT_BINARY, name + ".bpmn20.xml");
HttpEntity entity =;
httpPost = new HttpPost(activitiUrl);
response = client.execute(httpPost, context);

Anyone else having this issue?