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Configure explorer to use in 'real world'

Question asked by rafaelduqueestrada on Nov 7, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2014 by jbarrez
Hi all,
I'm very new in activiti and workflow apis and my english isn't so good, sorry if there is a lot of errors.

I'm doing a POC to use Activiti at a government department in Brazil and I have any doubts about configure Activiti Explorer in a corporate environment.
I did the follow things:

1- I just read a activiti in action book (for activiti version 5.9 unfortunately);
2- Donwload Activiti 5.16.4 version;
3- Download a tomcat 7 version;
4- Download the activiti project in github (for study);
5- Copy activiti-explorer.war and put in tomcat;
6- I removed the properties: and and put in classpath folder in tomcat;
7- I configure the property with the oracle configurations;
8- I configure the to not generate demo datas;
And, it work fine, but i would like to use jndi lookup for datasource confguration, not use the variables directly in the
I know I need to configure the context.xml (resource) in tomcat, but, how could i tell to activiti explorer to use this datasource?

PS: In the step 8, about the, I found the properties only search in the source code, the documentation talks about activiti-standalone-context.xml, but I think this archive doen't exist anymore.