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Exception while starting standard workflows

Question asked by alper on Nov 17, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2014 by alper
I am trying to start using the existing workflows, just for test, and the GUI shows the message: "Task started", but have the whole stack of exceptions in Jboss' server.log, starting from:

18:09:39,577 ERROR [org.infinispan.interceptors.InvocationContextInterceptor] (http-/ ISPN000136: Execution error: org.infinispan.marshall.NotSerializableException: org.activiti.workflow.simple.converter.json.SimpleWorkflowJsonConverter
Caused by: an exception which occurred:
   in field simpleWorkflowJsonConverter
   in field application
   in field repaintRequestListeners
   in object java.util.HashMap@983e8ef0
   in object
   in object org.infinispan.util.FastCopyHashMap@7d18fe02
   in object org.infinispan.atomic.AtomicHashMap@7bf2bc10
   in object org.infinispan.container.entries.ImmortalCacheEntry@d52794d3
   in object org.infinispan.loaders.bucket.Bucket@424e60c6

So, I have no idea, what to do then. As I understand, it should work out of box.
Should I do anything with the H2 database? It seems it's working, because I can see tables in the Activiti Explorer's GUI, and they have data.