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Wishing to contribute from multitenancy angle

Question asked by iramkumar on Nov 17, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2014 by iramkumar
I just published a paper on graphical financial risk modeling and used Activiti as the engine for experiments. I am very happy with Activiti and the ease of use, clean documentation and next generation concepts it has integrated.

I wish to contribute to Activiti from a multi-tenancy standpoint that was the future work in my paper. There is also the fact that cloud is making multi-tenancy an important feature.

There is an important paper that breaks down multi-tenancy architectural concerns as
QoS Differentiation
Performance Isolation
Affinity (CPU/Node)

I am basing my work on that. On which angle should I contribute to Activiti. I know there is a multitenancy feature where you can set a tenant ID with isolated signalling. But apart from that are there any ideas for say dynamic process creation, isolating tenant process performance etc.

I am a newbie so please point out the area and module and I would love to contribute.