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License for EXT JS in Activiti - 5.16

Question asked by rahulmohang on Nov 20, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2014 by rahulmohang
Hi Activiti Users,

We are planning to use Activiti – 5.16 in our organization. We request you to kindly clarify a confusion we have regarding the inclusion of the program EXT JS in Activiti – 5.16.

On scanning the source code of Activiti – 5.16 with Fossology, we have found references to EXT JS software. From the license text included with the sources (\Activiti-activiti-5.16\modules\activiti-webapp-explorer2\src\main\webapp\libs\ext-2.0.2\LICENSE.txt), we could understand that EXT JS included in Activiti – 5.16 may be distributed under the following licenses :

•   Open source license – LGPL V3.0
•   Commercial license
•   OEM / Reseller license

But, on a closer look at the vendor website page for EXT JS,, which is now redirecting to , we found that the license options for EXT JS has been modified as follows :-

•   Open source license – GNU GPL license v3.0
•   Commercial Software license
•   Commercial OEM license

This is very confusing for us. We request you to kindly comment on whether we should follow the license conditions as per the information from the sencha webpage, or as per the information from the license file included with Activiti – 5.16 sources.

The fact that references to the webpage, (which says that EXT JS is licensed under open source license GPL V3.0) and statements that refer EXT JS as licensed under open source license LGPL V3.0 is included in the same license file in Activiti – 5.16 confuses us more.

We expect answers for the following questions that you may kindly provide us :-

1.   Is EXT JS really a part of Activiti – 5.16 package?
2.   Could we get some more clear information on the usage of EXT JS in Activiti – 5.16?
3.   How should we interpret the license conditions of EXT JS?
4.   IF we have already acquired a commercial license for EXT JS, does this satisfy the requirement?