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How to start Activiti as Standalone server

Question asked by alper on Nov 20, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2014 by smirzai
I am a complete novice in Activiti, and I am trying to do something useful.
the idea is to start Activiti and then deploy and execute some workflows on it.

So should I run it standalone mode, or something else? If standalone, then what jar to run?

I've tried to run java -jar activiti-engine-5.16.4.jar , but got a error: no main manifest attribute, in activiti-rest-5.16.4.jar
I think I am on the wrong way, so how to accomplish the above task, or how to do that another way?

Another question:
If I embed the engine in my java app deployed on the jboss, and start it by calling from outer system, is that the right way to act?