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Deploy resources with bar file

Question asked by matutano6 on Nov 20, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2014 by matutano6
I would like to deploy some resources which are not Java classes so that they can be retrieved with RepositoryService.getResourceAsStream(deploymentId, resourceName) as mentioned in the User Guide. I made some tests with the Eclipse Designer and I found that:

- Only Java classes in src/man/java are packed. If I put some other file types (e.g. jsp), they a not packed using "Create deployment artifacts" nor they are "compiled" ("sent to" actually) into the target directory with the Java classes.

- Trying with Java classes, the files are compiled and packed, but in a different file than the diagrams resulting in a bar file and a jar file. I deployed them using Activiti Explorer (file by file), but as expected, the deployment ID of the process (which was deployed with the bar file) does not match the deployment ID of the jar (which contains the resources).

Could you please give me some light here? How can I make deployment artifacts with arbitrary file types (by hand, if necessary) and how to deploy them together with the Process Definition?

Thanks in advance!