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Auto deployment with duplicateFilter check does not work with expression based timer start event

Question asked by bardioc on Nov 21, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2014 by bardioc

I've come across an issue with process models having a time based start event with an expression and which are deployed via auto deployment feature. The uses 'deploymentsDiffer' to determine differences and decides whether a new deployment is necessary or not. However, if one has a time start event, with the following definition of the time cycle as expression:

    <bpmn2:startEvent id="crd_start">
      <bpmn2:timerEventDefinition id="TimerEventDefinition_1">
        <bpmn2:timeCycle xsi:type="bpmn2:tFormalExpression">#{myProcess.timeCycle}</bpmn2:timeCycle>

and the value of this variable has changed, the automatic deployment process will not find this modification. The timeCycle in our case is backed by a database value that shall be retrieved here to determine when and how to start the process. We made it configurable by our business department.

Is there anything we can do here or do we have to disable the duplication check to make sure our process model is correctly deployed? The duplication check works quite well, as it makes sure, that in case the application is restarted, and no changes have been made, no unnecessary deployment occurs.