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Error Boundary Event and Modeler bpmn XML failure

Question asked by skay on Nov 21, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2014 by skay

This is my use case / see BPMN attached to reproduce this.

The piece of bpmn here atached "MainProcess" has been generated from the Eclipse plugin.
No problem. I can run it as a JUnit, and even import into Activiti Explorer : I'm happy with this.

When I comte to Activiti Modeler, if I Edit my bpmn / or event save if without any changes, I'm no longer able to deploy it.
This is the error :


Errors while parsing:
[Validation set: 'activiti-executable-process' | Problem: 'activiti-boundary-event-no-event-definition'] : Event definition is missing from boundary event - [Extra info : processDefinitionId = MainProcess | processDefinitionName = MainProcess |  | id = boundaryerror1 |  | activityName = Error | ] ( line: 9, column: 82)

The validation mismatch come from the "error boundary event".
Activiti Modeler needs the "error code" value / though this seems not to be mandatory when editing with the Eclipe plugin.
And this is NOT necessary when directly importing bpmn.

Now I know that difference, but I'm puzzeled : does that mean that there are 2 diffrent validators ? 1 for the direct BPMN import and one other that is serving only the Activiti Modeler Workspace ? Or is this just a bug of the BPMN generator of the Activiti Modeler ?

Thank you for your help !