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Acitviti Modeler issue on Error Boundary Event

Question asked by skay on Nov 22, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2014 by jbarrez
An Error Boundary Event with no(null) Error Code attribute is not supported when deploying from the Explorer Workspace / after having using the Activiti Modeler.

This post is reformulating my previous post I answered myself :)


Errors while parsing:
[Validation set: 'activiti-executable-process' | Problem: 'activiti-boundary-event-no-event-definition'] : Event definition is missing from boundary event - [Extra info : processDefinitionId = MainProcess | processDefinitionName = MainProcess | | id = boundaryerror1 | | activityName = Error | ] ( line: 9, column: 82)

An Error Boundary Event with no error code must be allowed and trap any BPMN Exception (like a try/catch Exception)

Thanks to # ACT-953, a Boundary Event with no Error code is supported when directly import the bpmn into Exporer process deployment / but this is not suppported when editing with Activiti Modeler.

Thank you for raising this issue.