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How to extend Activiti with my own service task implementation ?

Question asked by cdeneux on Nov 27, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2014 by cdeneux
Hi all,

I'm the tech-leader of Petals ESB ( that is a distributed service infrastructure. We have chosen Activiti as BPMN2 engine to support the implementation of business processes over our service infrastructure.
As services available into Petals ESB can be invoked as service tasks from business processes, I think that we need to create a service task implementation able to do Petals ESB native calls. Searching on Internet, I have not found any extension mechanism supported by Activiti to add such service task implementation. Reading the Activiti source code, it seems to me that service task implementations are hard-coded (org.activiti.engine.impl.bpmn.parser.handler.ServiceTaskParseHandler.executeParse(…)).

Can you confirm me that it is right ?

If yes, are you interested by a dynamic loading of service task implementations, based on Java Service Provider Interface (java.util.ServiceLoader<S>) ? I can write and contribute this feature.