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JNDI name  5.16.4

Question asked by fforati on Nov 27, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2014 by jbarrez

i'm using Activiti5.15.1 but I need for my application the feature  to retry failed Jobs with the possibility to configure Number of retries and delay between retries. I discovered to be available in 5.16.4.
My current version is running on weblogic 12c and oracle database with JNDI datasource configuration.

I'm configuring now the new version but I see that the bootstrap for spring is based on annotations and the file like activiti-context.xml for the rest package and activiti-standalone-context for explorer have been removed. The user guide still mention this configuration in Chapter3 (JNDI Datasource Configuration)

With this release how it is possible to configure the datasource based on JNDI, does anyone faced the same problem?