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Exclusive Gateway on multiple items

Question asked by yisa on Nov 30, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2014 by yisa

I'm new to building workflow and is trying to figure out how to model below process using loop. The workflow is operated on a batch of items, however, evaluation in between needs to be done on individual item. I don't know how to evaluate each item using a loop.

1. Start Event ->
2. Java Service (to retrieve a batch of items and save into a list process variable) ->
3. User Task (to enter Approved/Disapproved status for each item in the batch) ->
4. Exclusive Gateway (to evaluate the based on status for each item)
               –> if item is Disapproved, invoke Subprocess_Disapproved with this item
               –> if item is Approved, continue
5. User Task (to enter more data associated with each item in the (approved) batch ->
6. Java Service (to do some calculation based on the data entered for each item and store final result for each item)
7. Exclusive Gateway (to evaluate the final result for each item)
               –> if final result is failed for the item, invoke Subprocess_Failed with this item
               –> if final result is pass for the item, continue
similar steps to 5, 6 and 7 are repeated.

My question is how do I implement step 4 and 7, where I need to check for multiple items. I can only evaluate one ${item.status == "Approved"}. How can I design it so that I can loop through all items in the list.