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Get enumValues in formProperties

Question asked by aurelienpel on Dec 2, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2014 by aurelienpel

Using Activiti 5.16.3, I would like to get the form data by giving a taskId. I found using Rest API the following call :

GET      form/form-data?taskId=" + taskId

With this call to the engine, I can see the different values of the enumValues :


So I tried to do the same with the engine :

public ListIterator<FormProperty> displayButtonsForTaskJavaAPI(
         @QueryParam("taskId") String taskId)
         throws Exception{
   "—> beginning showing all buttons for the task");
      ListIterator<FormProperty> myButtons = null;
         myButtons = ProcessEngines
         if(myButtons == null)
  "no buttons");
         "myButtons : {}", myButtons);
      }catch(Exception e){
         LOGGER.error("Error displaying all buttons for task {}", taskId, e);
      return myButtons;

But I lose the most important part, the one with "enumValues" !


Isn't it the correct call to the engine ? if so, where am I wrong please ?

Thanks for your help,