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Custom service task type, loaded through Java SPI

Question asked by cdeneux on Dec 1, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2014 by cdeneux
Hi all,

I'm working on the contribution mentionned here:

I have successfully updated the engine. I do the same thing for the send task type. And it works fine with Mule, Camel and Shell service task and send task types.

Now, trying to use my own service task type, I have an error on validation of the process definition because of unknown service task type. Indeed, an XSD model defines the values accepted by 'activti:type'.
Can I remove the enumeration of 'activti:type', so it becomes a simple xsd:string, or is it used by other components for generation as the Eclipse Designer ?
I saw several model resources in 'org/activiti/impl/bpmn/parser' of the project activiti-bpmn-converter. Can you explain how the different versions are used ? Should I create a version 5.17.0 of 'activiti-bpmn-extensions' ?

Thanks for your help,