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New Task Icons doesn't appear

Question asked by vire7777 on Dec 2, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2014 by vire7777
Hello everybody

Here is my problem :

I created new beautiful tasks where i put new beautiful icons attached
Everything seems to work well and when i open my designer (the new version as it doesn t work with the oldest one), i can see my icons in the "palette" and in my schema when i m creating my workflow design. No problem here ^^


when i deploy the workflow in my application and have a look at the PNG, i can t see the icons… it always put these old little "engine" icons for every tasks (except the userTasks).

I suppose the problem comes from the icons are not in my application but how can i add them ? I thought this was imported at the same time than the bpmn or something like this. How can i change that ?

Thanks for your time :)