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JIra type workflow with Activiti

Question asked by nik10.mah on Dec 3, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2014 by martin.grofcik

I wan to create JIRA type workflow management system using Activiti. In JIRA we have statuses and transitions. User can create statuses which then can be reused various workflows. A transition is a path between two statuses. A status can have multiple incoming and outgoing transitions.

If we compare it with Activiti what I have figured out that Tasks and Sequence flows in activiti are equivalent to Status and Transitions in JIRA respectively. But in activiti we can't reuse task in different workflows.  Also in JIRA next status towards which a flow will proceed is determined by transitions in JIRA But in Activiti we can't determine the target tasks to which a flow should be sent as those were not created then.

So is there a way I can reuse the tasks i other workflows.?
Can we determine the list of tasks to which a flow can be sent.?