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Does Activiti need new db connection for each separate workflow?

Question asked by alper on Dec 5, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2014 by trademak
First of all, I found Activiti pretty impressive in part of performance when I became more or less educated in the workflow technology and BPMN. Thanks for that.
But there is a thing that I didn't find workaround for without giving up the performance.
In my tests I see that if I launch new separate instance of my workflow on the same engine, Activiti opens a brand-new connection to the database.
It wouldn't be a problem if I were launching tens of concurrent instances.
But for my purposes I need to launch thousands of them concurrently, and for each of them Activiti needs an immediate connection to the DB.
I have pooling enabled in my jboss, but if its max size is less than the number of simultaneous processes I need to launch, some processes exit with db timeout exception, which means that internal pool queue is not a solution here.
If I increase the max pool size to 1000 connections, my Oracle freezes in dismay, so I can not believe it's the right thing to do in this situation.

I am aware that Oracle can do that being installed on more powerful machines, with RAIDs or SSD, but… I need the guaranteed safety from such timeouts.

Maybe I do things in a wrong way? maybe there are some configuration tips that allow to use connection more wisely?
I appreciate any help.

Thank you.