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Group membership usin SSO in version5.16.3

Question asked by faraon79 on Dec 5, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2014 by faraon79

This is my second question in the context of SSO. I need to resolve group membership basis on SSO (activiti-rest).

I have successfuly switch off basic authentication but the problem is with getting tasks for a user where a group (a user is member of) is defined as a potential owner. I have debugged code many times and don't see where is taking place checking if the user is member of a group in original code base. GroupEntityManager methods arn't call any times when deploy definition, start instance or query for the task.

Sorry for my ignorance but could you give me some tips how to resolve this or where is the point where Activiti checking if the user from task query is member of a group if "group" task is defined.

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