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Activiti Engine Architecture

Question asked by skosov on Dec 5, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2014 by jbarrez
Dear Colleagues,
I have got a task to implement BPM in a (relatively) big company. I am thinking to use Activiti as a BMP platform but I am hitting some problems which are due to Activiti limitation or lack of my  understanding it. I am asking you to help me with your opinions.
Let consider a task when we need to develop 3 processes/applications A, B, C which are similar by structure but have different business logics. Also I need to develop a single front-end to manage these processes. I understand that provided Activiti-Explorer (AE) is not a complete application to use in real environment but for now let consider that AE will be used as front-end.   These 3 processes A, B, C should be developed, deployed and supported by 3 different independent teams.  In order to manage processes A, B, C from AE all 3 webapps A, B, C should be included in AE classpath or in other words packaged into activiti-explorer.war. Other solution would be to package front-end into each application (A,B,C) war. Non of these solutions look great for me. I need 3 independent web applications A, B, C and one independent front-end web app. Is there any way to implement this using Activiti as platform? 
All opinions are welcome.
Thanks in advance.