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AngularJS Modeler not working in Firefox 34 and Chrome 39

Question asked by b.schnarr on Dec 19, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2015 by wade.zeng
When I try to create a new process model with the new AngularJS designer in Activiti 5.17, I get the following error in firefox:

Error: model.stencilset is undefined ORYX.Editor.construct@ Clazz.extend/classDef@ fetchModel/<@ q/g.success/<@ Bd/e/l.promise.then/B@ Bd/e/l.promise.then/B@ Bd/f/<.then/<@ Cd/this.$get</h.prototype.$eval@ Cd/this.$get</h.prototype.$digest@ Cd/this.$get</h.prototype.$apply@ g@ I@ qd/</y.onreadystatechange@

…&(a=a.message+"\n"+a.sourceURL+":"+a.line));return a}function e(a){var b=c.conso…

Chrome says:

 GET 404 (Not Found)
:8080/activiti-explorer1/editor-app/libs/angular_1.2.13/ GET 404 (Not Found)
angular.min.js:85 TypeError: Cannot read property 'namespace' of undefined
    at ORYX.Editor.construct (
    at classDef (
    at B (
    at B (
    at h.$eval (
    at h.$digest (
    at h.$apply ( (anonymous function)angular.min.js:63 (anonymous function)angular.min.js:94 Bangular.min.js:94 Bangular.min.js:95 (anonymous function)angular.min.js:103 h.$evalangular.min.js:101 h.$digestangular.min.js:104 h.$applyangular.min.js:68 gangular.min.js:72 Iangular.min.js:73 y.onreadystatechange

I only installed the explorer standalone, no LDAP, only example users and example processes.

Do you have any ideas?
Best regards