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Activity Engine is crashing abnormally without log

Question asked by surendra.rajaneni on Dec 23, 2014

Activiti is getting down after few hours/days and weeks abnormally.
Below are the setup details.

Activity version: 5.11
Tomcat: 7
Java: 1.6.18
org.springframework.jdbc.datasource.SimpleDriverDataSource as datasource calss.

Activiti is getting down without no errors in logs.
No database lock found.
No memory issues.

Steps we are following :

we have design timer process which can run every 4 hours.
The next execution time will set based on current timer task completion.

Some times we need to stop the timer, to run the other jobs.
so to achieve this we are sending the database request to stop activiti.
At the end of the timer task we are checking any request exist for activiti timer stop. if request found we setting the timer to next one year.

so activit timer will not run until timer reach to that state.

After this we are stopping the tomcat for some time and doing db changes for new customer and running the activiti and running the other one time processes.

After finishing all the steps, executing timer task manually. so this will run for every 4 hours.

issue observation steps :

Note:  As per my observation, once we stopped tomcat forcefully, after restarting we are facing this issue.
after few restarts the activiti is running for long time without crashing until next time we stop forcefully.

Please help me to resolve this problem.