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Question on Multi-tenancy

Question asked by himani on Dec 29, 2014

We are currently using Activiti 5.16 and using the multi-tenancy feature of Activiti.
I have a question with regard to release management of templates for various tenants

A typical use-case ->
A template "REL1TEMP" was shipped with the product in Release 1 of product for Tenant 1 & 2.
Tenant 1 : Customer customized the template and version 2 of template "REL1TEMP" was deployed
Tenant 2 : Customer did not perform any customization and the original version of "REL1TEMP" existed in DB for this tenant.

Now  a bug was found in this template and we want to patch the template, we need a way to find the changed templates by customer(Some identifier)

We were exploring some combination of columns to utlilize for this. (Category/version)
Tried to use Category in ACT_RE_DEPLOYMENT. The template always gets deployed with null category even after adding category in REST call.
Also when manually updating category in this table the rest of the tables do not pick this category.

Is there some feature added in the new versions to cater to this issue. Also any additional column/tables to provide release management support to multiple tenants in a cloud.