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Deploy custom Form Type separately

Question asked by matutano6 on Dec 29, 2014
I'm running several instances of Activiti. Some of them have processes definitions which use a few very specific FormTypes.

I read Joram's guide for custom Form Types and it's very clear and very easy (BTW, thanks!), but now I want to go a little further and make the components less dependant and more cohesive having the possibility of deploying the custom Form Types with the process definition if necessary.

This approach would let me decide which custom Form Types are "general enough" to be part of the Activiti instance and wich one are so "process definition specific" that should not be defined inside the Activiti's context.

¿Is there any way to achieve that?

Ideally, I would like to deploy the custom Form Type with de process definition itself, but it would be useful too to deploy the custom Form Type separately in a way I could undeploy it (if necessary) without touching the Activiti's context.

I made some tests and I was able to deploy the specialization of AbstractFormType for a custom Form Type inside the BAR file, but I still need to add the "customFormTypes" XML fragment in Activiti's context.

Having a mechanism to do that would be a very nice feature!

Thanks in advance!