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Technical Exception Management - explainations and specific case

Question asked by matthieumestrez on Jan 5, 2015

I looked all over the userguide and it seems i can't find an answer to the 'how other exceptions than the BPMNError' works in a flow.

in the userguide this is written :

8.2.3 …

Important note: a BPMN error is NOT the same as a Java exception. In fact, the two have nothing in common. BPMN error events are a way of modeling business exceptions. Java exceptions are handled in their own specific way.

And in the page :
only this is written :

Technical errors should be represented by other exception types and are usually not handled inside a process.

So we would like to keep things the most separate possible, so we have small service tasks that calls expressions and there sometimes exceptions can appear, for example a timeout exception because a remote service was too slow or another RuntimeException.
In that case we would like to log and warn the helpdesk team with an email that the error appeared (after three times of retry)

Could you tell me how those errors are, or should be handled ?