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Extending the Explorer Webapp

Question asked by sbertiaux on Jan 9, 2015
My company is looking to put a custom twist on the Activiti explorer webapp by defining some new activity nodes which are more specific implementations of the generic BPMN constructs based on our business logic.

For example, while the Service Task is robust enough to handle calling any Java service, we would like to define a new activity node which is already tied to a specific service such as "CreateInsurancePolicyService." In addition, we'll need to supply insurance-specific properties such as premium, deductible, etc., which will need to appear in the property palette and passed to the service as arguments.

In this way, non-technical people can construct BPMN flows without understanding all of the properties that need to be set for some task types. Is it possible to add in this new node type through some type of site admin / designer functionality or through an easy configuration file edit, or will we need to edit the source to accommodate these needs? If a source edit is required, how would you recommend we approach adding in these features?


Scott Bertiaux