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Activiti 5.17 Spring dependency

Question asked by himani on Jan 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2015 by jbarrez

We are currently on Activiti version 5.16 and upgrading to 5.17. We had integrated the engine without using any spring dependency. The documentation still says that 5.17 version can be used without any spring dependencies. The engine came-up fine without adding spring jars but I am stuck at 2 places :

>In the new version the rest-framework restlet seems to be replaced with spring mvc. Is there any way we can still use
the Rest API's the old way , i.e. without using spring dependencies??
>We were bypassing the Activiti Basic Authentication by extending the and attaching the customized RestAuthenticator to it. In 5.17 we are using Spring SecurityConfiguration for overriding capabilities. Is there any way to do it non-spring way?