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deleteProcessInstance and sync serviceTask

Question asked by andrasnaszrai on Jan 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2015 by trademak

I am using activiti with bpmns containg only service tasks without the activiti:async="true" setting. Based on my experiences this means that activiti will not store any information about my process instance until the first service task is done.

I am trying to make it possible for my processes to be cancelled and i am using the deleteProcessInstance method of RuntimeService. This method requires the processInstanceId of the process instance i want to cancel, and this can be acquired the soonest by using an execution listener for start events, and that is before the first service task. But even if i have the processInstanceId the deleteProcessInstance cannot cancel the process before it is stored in the database. Is that correct?

So provided that my first service task cannot be made activiti:async, because seemingly this introduces a considerable latency in the execution time, my process cannot be interrupted before the first service task ends.

Am i correct about all this, or am i missing something? Is there another way to cancel a process or maybe shorten the latency of activiti:async (it can be minutes based on my experiences)?

Thanks in advance for your support!