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Activiti using two connections per thread

Question asked by gabrielfrancisco on Jan 14, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2015 by jbarrez
Hello! I'm having an issue. I'm trying to use Activiti + Camel, using Spring 4, and, I noticed a problem: Sometimes, all connections from pool get locked and never come back, only if I define a borrow timeout it "works", but I got a lot of timeouts when running on multi-thread. I was wondering if it was just a bottleneck or if it could be a deadlock, so, I tried to start my application using just one connection and… it did not start! I try to debug and I then I saw that there are two borrow connections in a row, without returning the first one back to the pool. Well, If I use the default ProcessEngineConfigurationImpl, without Spring transactions and stuff like that, it works, but, the activiti-camel wants the configuration to be a SpringProcessEngineConfiguration instance, so, I'm not able to use the ProcessEngineConfigurationImpl because of it. So, I imagine it could be a problem from SpringProcessEngineConfiguration or the transaction management.

Does anyone know what could be happening?