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RADIUS and / or TACACS+ Integration with Activiti for IdentiyService

Question asked by sankarts on Jan 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2015 by jbarrez
The requirement is to integrate Activiti IdentityService with RADIUS and TACACS+ for supporting AAA (Authentication, Authorization & Accounting) functionality.

The User Guide says
The IdentityService is pretty simple. It allows the management (creation, update, deletion, querying, …) of groups and users. It is important to understand that Activiti actually doesn’t do any checking on users at runtime. For example, a task could be assigned to any user, but the engine does not verify if that user is known to the system. This is because the Activiti engine can also used in conjunction with services such as LDAP, Active Directory, etc.

There is no explicit mention of RADIUS / TACACS+ either in the User Guide or in the community forums.

1) Whether Activiti supports integration with RADIUS and TACACS+?

2) If yes, is there any pointers describing how to about integration?

3) If not, by when (based on the roadmap), the support would be in place?

Thanks in advance.