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Activiti Engine - Deployment Options

Question asked by venkataprasath on Jan 18, 2015
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I would like to get clarification on Activiti Deployment. I understand it can be either Embedded or Standalone. We have a web application deployed on Tomcat, which is using Activiti processes (basically starting the process using Activiti APIs). If we go with Embedded activiti engine in the web application it works great. 

I want to have activiti-explorer web application deployed as it provides a good view about the deployed processes, active instances, Timers etc. activiti-explorer also starts an Activiti engine. So the timer tasks initiated by my web application are picked up by this instance of activiti-explorer app and it tries to process them. This mandates me to bundle Java Service tasks class files inside activiti explorer web app and in my app.

Both Activiti engine (started by my Web App and Activiti-explorer app) are pointing to same database.

Experts please provide a solution to have this situation addressed. We are very desperate to make a deployment decision as we are moving to next cycle in our project deployment.