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Create Process document

Question asked by javacorner on Jan 21, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2015 by jbarrez
I am creating process document for (export PDF document from the system database then send the document via user email )
I have the business logic code ready and running before .
I am trying to change the implementation and translate it to business process definition and run it inside activiti )
I am using now activiti-explorer which is very fine tool .
I need some help to create the process definition because it is first one for me.
the logic is very simple which is the following:
1) user fire button to ask the system export PDF document and send it to user email
2) system select the required information (start variables) from database like user info and his email and the document criteria
3) in background , system select the document data using the user criteria and generate the PDF document in temp folder then use ready made tool to send email to user and put the PDF as attachment in that email
4) in case of the work done successfully so the process will be completed and that is all
5) in case of failure of (functional problem ; code exception) the system send task to business user to decide  either let the system start the work (step 3) again or cancel the request
6) in case of non-functional error or problem out side the boundaries of the system so user task will assign to business user to fix the issue then send it back to system to run the work of step 3 or he has to force close the request

that is all :)