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How do I change the Spring MVC servlet mapping for only the Activiti REST endpoints?

Question asked by mjustin on Feb 5, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2015 by mjustin
I am working on an application where we are using Spring Boot and Activiti REST version 5.17.0 (using spring-boot-starter-rest-api).  As the application already has REST endpoints of its own, we would like to put the Activiti REST endpoints in a separate path, e.g.

I want my existing REST endpoints to be unchanged, e.g. "".  However, I cannot figure out how to configure this.

I was able to achieve this in another application using Activiti 5.14 with its Restlet functionality by configuring the web.xml file:



However, I am unsure how I would duplicate this functionality with the Spring Boot/Spring MVC configuration.  I asked a similar question a while back (, when I was attempting to upgrade my other application to Activiti 5.16.4.  In that thread I was advised that I could change the servlet mapping "by overriding the WebConfigurer class".  However, I do not see a class with that name in either Activiti or Spring MVC.  There is one in Spring Boot under "org.springframework.boot.test", but I suspect that's not the one being referred to.

In short, how do I configure the Activiti 5.17.0 Spring MVC REST endpoints to use a separate sub-path of my application from my application endpoints?