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Open two tasks and forbid one of the tasks to complete until the other task has been completed

Question asked by xman-berlin on Feb 5, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2015 by xman-berlin
Hi guys,

I've got a strange requirement in my company. They want to implement the following scenario and I don't know how to achieve this. Here's the scenario:
  • User A claims a task from his/her tasklist.
  • User A decides to start a subprocess that must be completed before he's able to complete his/her task.
  • User A's tasklist still contains his/her claimed task.
  • User B claims and completes the subprocess.
  • User A is now able to complete his/her task.
  1. Is this possible at all?
  3. Is it possible to model such a scenario (optionally starting a subprocess)?
  5. It is possible to create subtasks in activiti-explorer. What is it? Subprocesses? Call activities?