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How to get return value(s) from Activiti process on version 5.16.4

Question asked by tygerc on Feb 6, 2015

Our project is using ServiceMix, so the used Activiti version is 5.16.4.

I'm starting an Activiti process from camel route and the process should return to the same route (it's a rest route and it needs to return a rest response). Currently all we get back is the process instance id. I looked into the source code of Activiti and that really is all we will get.

But since I really need some other values too, what would you recommend? From the source code I have the impression that the newest Activiti would solve the problem, but will ServiceMix break if we update Activiti inside it? Or should I change the source code of the ActivitiProducer and build a new version of the activiti-camel package to use?