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Having trouble defining a definition

Question asked by kevinalderton on Feb 17, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2015 by kevinalderton
Sorry, but I am new to creating BPMN diagrams. I have a flow that I cannot work out how to draw. I have a document that needs two streams of work to be performed on it before it can be published. These two streams can be performed in parallel. After being published the first time, each of the two streams can be repeated independently. If either of the streams are repeated the document will be published again.

For brevity sake say each stream is one user task (this is not the case as both streams have a number of different activities). On starting there is a parallel gateway, one side is 'user task1', the other 'user task2'. Once both tasks are complete, the process should move to 'user task3', via a parallel gateway. Now i wish to send the flow back to both 'user task1' and 'user task2'. This time if either of the user tasks are completed i need to transfer to user task3 and then back to the triggering user task.

Any help would be appreciated.