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rest service in activiti enterprise

Question asked by tgebeyehu on Feb 19, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2015 by tgebeyehu
is the rest service built in the Enterprise Activiti?

i use rest call to start process on the activiti-explorer. i want to apply this on the enterprise version. i recently got Activiti Enterprise 1.1 and created a process and i want to start this process out side of activiti. but i did not see any activiti-rest in the package and i wonder if it is included in acitivi-app.

on the community version i post to
http://kermit:kermit@localhost:8081/activiti-rest/service/runtime/process-instances. and it can start the process instance. but i have no idea how to do this to the enterprise one.

can anyone gives me some explanation on how i can use the rest on Activiti Enterprise?

Thank you.