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Do we need to deploy processes per tenant for multi-tenancy to work?

Question asked by asanjum on Feb 28, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2015 by jbarrez
I have starting looking into Activiti's (version 5.17) multi-tenancy support and have some rookie questions. [disclaimer: I did searched the forums before posting but apologize if this is a repeat topic!]

a. We will use Activiti's built-in multi-tenancy support using tenant_id field
b. We want to support thousands of tenants.
c. There could be dozens of processes
d. New tenants are being added all the time
e. Processes may get revised and therefore need to be redeployed

Given the above situation, I have a few doubts for the experts to clarify.

Q1. It appears that each process needs to be deployed per tenant in order to launch process instances for a given tenant Id. Is this correct?

Q2. If not, how do you achieve the sharing of processes? This would be a huge life saver.

Q3. If yes to Q1, isn't it cumbersome and inefficient to deploy same process to thousands of tenants whereas it could be shared?

Q4. If yes to Q1, is there some sample code anywhere that demonstrates best practice on how to deploy processes each time a new tenant gets provisioned or deploy to all tenants if a process gets updated?

Q5. Are there any ideas on what direction one may adopt to have shared process definitions that can be used to instantiate processes for a given tenant ID?

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