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Task variables, Boundary timer event, task listener, Activiti-ldap

Question asked by shiva.arunachala on Mar 6, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2015 by jbarrez
I and have a few queries regarding Activiti.
I have listed them below.

1.   Task variable Vs process variable.
I get the variables related to a task in process variable and not in local task variables. Is there any problem in my usage or is this expected?
2.   Boundary timer event not getting triggered.
I have set processEngineConfiguration's jobExecutorActivate property to true which seems to be the most common reason for this. Any suggestion from your experience?
3.   Usage of task listener.
Can you suggest some use cases/best practice for using task listener?
4.   Instantiating a BP from an application and closing it from activiti-explorer
Does it have any side-effects. I had an instance where it was reflecting in Runtime tables that task are created but they did not reflect in activiti-explorer window even after reloads.
5.   Activiti-ldap
I have tried a web application secured by spring-security and Apache DS embedded  LDAP. Is it necessary or it can be replaced by LDAPConfigurator?

Any help is greatly appreciated.