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Custom ClassLoader and Groovy Scripts

Question asked by on Mar 8, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2015 by jbarrez
I have created a workflow framework that utilizes Activiti 5.16.3 as the workflow engine.  The framework runs in WebLogic 12c and is an EJB environment with Spring injections.  Recently, I created a specialized classloader that I use to split workflow delegates/objects outside of the framework classloader.  I have the custom classloader working except for one thing…

The workflow I'm using has a script node in it that uses Groovy as its scripting engine.  The script generates a new instance of an object that is included in the custom classloader not in the base classloader for the workflow.  I know that classloaders have access to their parent classloaders and that parent classloaders are unaware of classloaders derived from them.  As such, is there a way to change the Groovy classloader to pick up the custom classloader as well?  Initially, I would think that if we use setClassLoader() on the ProcessEngineConfiguration, it would change the classloader for everthing.

Any insights around this would be helpful.