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Newbie. Separate thread for Activiti Explorer UI and the workflow process instance

Question asked by sankalpn on Mar 9, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2015 by sankalpn
I am trying to write some workflows which, after taking user input in start event form, invoke a series of web service APIs inside service tasks (meaning service tasks take longer to finish) and produce output via email tasks.

I am using activiti-explorer UI for user inputs and to deploy the workflow process (version 5.16.3).
What I observed is, the activiti UI freezes at the start screen after taking user inputs as the service tasks run. After going through user guide and some forum topics, I set "jobExecutorActivate" to "true", which enabled async executor and I thought would also enable activiti workflow to run asynchronously, as a separate thread, with respect to UI.

But, even after that, the UI continues to freeze on the start event form which takes user input. The UI goes back to "deployed process instances" screen, apparently after it enters an intermediate wait state (as seen from tailing tomcat logs).

My doubt is:
1) Am I right in interpreting that activiti-explorer UI and the workflow process instance are still runnning in the same thread?
2) If so, or even otherwise, is there a way I can have activiti-explorer UI jump to "deployed process instances" immediately after start event form has been submitted to workflow process instance?

Thanks in advance for any pointers.