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Problems migrating from Activiti 5.16.3 to 5.17.0

Question asked by stephan.bauer on Mar 10, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2015 by jbarrez
Dear Activiti-Team,

we are currently under development of a business-critical application with Activiti. Because we were facing serious problems with XA-Transactions which seemed similar to what is described in

we decided to migrate to 5.17.0, because it was said that the new AsyncExecutor seemed to help in that case.

But the migration confronted us with other serious problems and so we are currently in a deadlock situation! If we cannot find a solution rather fast, we will have to abandon Activiti from our project, even if this is painful for us because there are already 4 Process-Modells with lots of ServiceTasks and other stuff.

we have already overcome the problem described in (not nice, but we did it).

But now we had to find out, that the new Modeler removes our class fields from the models which is a very bad as we make heavy use of them. I found and so we tried to continue modelling with 5.16.3 and importing and deploying the models directly in 5.17.0 WITHOUT using the new modeler. But now we get the following error message when trying to deploy one of the models (the famous red box in the explorer) complaining about the name of a „Message“ element:

<message id="" name="'/>

    <intermediateCatchEvent id="sid-59BB7064-D0C2-4306-B8BE-4D2FD669B57E" name="Produktinstanz wegen Fehler abgebrochen">
      <messageEventDefinition messageRef="'/>

The error-Message reads:

Create of BPMN XML failed: cvc-datatype-valid.1.2.1: “ Produktinstanz-wg-Fehler-abgebrochen-Msg“ ist kein gültiger Wert für NCName

which means that it is not a valid value for NCName.

The originally imported definition from the 5.16.3 model was without that http://-Prefix:

<message id="Produktinstanz-wg-Fehler-abgebrochen-Msg" name="Produktinstanz-wg-Fehler-abgebrochen-Msg"/>

    <intermediateCatchEvent id="sid-59BB7064-D0C2-4306-B8BE-4D2FD669B57E" name="Produktinstanz wegen Fehler abgebrochen">
      <messageEventDefinition messageRef="Produktinstanz-wg-Fehler-abgebrochen-Msg"/>

=> Why does Activiti prepend such a prefix first when it can't handle it afterwards? Can we somehow get rid of that?

Many thanks in advance,