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TaskQuery when using custom Group/User Manager

Question asked by stbill79 on Mar 12, 2015
Latest reply on May 23, 2016 by xvm03

I've overridden the User/Group Manager and Factories similar to the LDAP example. This means that the DB tables ACT_ID_GROUP,USER, and MEMBERSHIP are empty.

Essentially, I'd like to use the TaskQuery to grab a list of tasks for a given user; this would include all tasks where one of the following apply:
  • User is assigned
  • User's id is contained in the list of the task's CandidateUsers
  • One or more of User's groups are contained in the list of CandidateGroups (Groups need to be determined by GroupManager, not the DB)

  • The method TaskCandidateOrAssigned in TaskQuery seems to have some comments alluring to the fact that there are issues with candidate groups. Using the standard query.candidateOrAssigned() does not work correctly as it uses a direct join on the ACT_ID_MEMEBERSHIP table.

    What is the correct way to obtain the tasks as required above? Or maybe I need to do multiple queries and create a union myself.