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Newbie. Activiti Clock Configuration

Question asked by sankalpn on Mar 20, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2015 by car82
Hi all,

     While using activiti-explorer 5.16.3 with tomcat7 on postgres-9.1 as DB and Ubuntu 12.04 machine, I noticed something weird. The moment I deploy a process definition, the message on activiti-explorer UI says "Deployed one day ago". Logs in catalina.out have correct system time which is current. But, activiti-explorer seems to be running a day behind. This also messes up IntermediateCatchTimerEvents (they do not fire as they were due "one day ago"). Apparently activiti-explorer clock is not configured properly. Also, if I leave activiti running, activiti-explorer keeps falling a day behind each day, never advancing it's day.

I tried looking at forums and activiti user guide, I did not find any configuration for clock at all. Can anyone point me to ways to debug this issue? Is there any way I can configure activiti-explorer to use system time instead of this one day before deployment time? Any pointers would be helpful. Thank you.

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