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Job Table Lines deleted When process reaches one of multiple ends

Question asked by eransinger on Mar 23, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2015 by trademak
I'm trying to implement a mechanism that shows each activiti task and it's state (before running/ while/ after/ failed)
The failed activities are those which are active but has 0 retries.
I retrieve this information using management service -

I tested it on several scenarios with parallel execution:
1.start-> parallel gateway ->two parallel scripts(good script and bad script)->end
2.start-> parallel gateway ->two parallel scripts (good script and bad script)->parallel gateway ->end
3.start-> parallel gateway ->two parallel scripts (good script and bad script)->each script reaches different end

The result is not what i expected:
scenario 2 is good (i can retrieve the failed jobs) but 1 and 3 shows no data in the job table.

according to the documentation process finishes when all executions reach the all ends.

The question is:
does any one have an explanation for that?
Is this an activiti bug?