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Activiti creates multiple Runtime Tasks for a single synchronous process instance

Question asked by himanshudewan on Mar 25, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2015 by jbarrez

I was implementing Activiti in a personal project of mine and was facing a peculiar issue.

So, my process is a sequential process with no async or parallel executions. Now, when I complete one task, it is removed from the ACT_RU_TASK_ table and the next task's entry, according to the process definition, is created in the same db. Now, the problem is, I have noticed that a few times, I have multiple entries in the ACT_RU_TASK_ table for the same process instance even though I have no parallel executions whatsoever. So, technically, even if the execution (from the ACT_RU_EXECUTIONS) shows the current activity_Id, the the runtime task table has multiple entries for the same process. In a lot of cases, these task entries are the subsequent tasks of the activity at which the process currently is.

This kind of anomaly happens a few times (say 10 times for every 200 process instances deployed). Maybe, my understanding of the process creation and completion is incorrect. Would be really grateful if someone can help me around this problem.