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How to 'reactivate' an intermediate catching message event?

Question asked by stephsmith on Mar 26, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2015 by stephsmith
I have included two tests cases.

I have defined an intermediate message catching event, that once entered, it will flow into an intermediate timer catching event.
The timer job can be long running.
While this timer job is still running, I need to be able to "reactivate" this intermediate message catching event so that messages can continue to be received.

If I try to model the a sequence flow from the message catching event back to itself, I end up with two subscribers. This appears to be a bug??

If I change the workflow so that it uses a manual task, I can workaround the problem. I don't really want to define a manual task.

Can you tell me if the first scenario is a bug (should I enter a JIRA issue)?

Or can you tell me a better way to handle this scenario?

Again I have included a test case that illustrates both scenarios.
Thanks for any help!